Mt Top Range and Paintball

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One Day handgun permit classes:

Friday Jan 12, 2018

Saturday Jan 27, 2018

Saturday January 13 1pm-dark central time. ZOMBIE PICKUP! Mt. Top Range in the Dunlap/McMinnville area. When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, you may need to use the weapons you can find to stop the hordes! We will teach you the manual of arms for a HUGE variety of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. We provide it all-guns, ammo, eye and ear protection, and zombie targets! $50

Sunday January 14 1PM-Dark Eastern Time
Wilderness Survival-PRIMITIVE FIRE BUILDING with Josh McKinley! Rising Fawn, GA. Josh is one of the leading experts in wilderness survival in the Southeast, and will take you through gathering materials, preparing your fire lay, and making fire with what you have! Class size is limited so be sure to sign up early! $50

Saturday January 20 9 AM-4PM Central Mountain Top Range
RUN AND GUN 2! Former top Army Instructors will take you WAY beyond the basics. Real life defensive training MUST include Shoot-MOVE-Communicate. This will be a fast-paced, high volume class. Rain or shine. $125 includes the range fee.

Sunday January 21 1-5PM ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE Location TBD Recent events make it clear-you MUST know how to respond to an active shooter! This is all classroom, not a shooting class, so bring everyone. THIS CLASS IS FREE!

Sunday January 28 1-5PM Eastern NUCLEAR SURVIVAL SKILLS Crabtree Farms, Chattanooga. As the potential of a nuclear incident increases, we must know the threats and how to defend against them. The fact of the matter is, even if there were a full-scale nuclear war, most of us would survive the initial conflict. YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION! $50 for Crabtree members, $60 for non-members.

Saturday February 3 9-4 Central Time. MAP AND COMPASS LAND NAVIGATION. Dunlap TN. Can you find your way without a GPS? If the grid goes down, the satellites get blown up, or you just run out of batteries when you need them most, having a compass can save your life-and there is a LOT more to it than just finding North! Taught by former Army instructors, this is one of our highest-rated classes! We can even provide the compass! $65 includes your own Topographical map and protractor.

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